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Spring sonata 2016


3rd International Young Musicians Chamber Ensemble Competition


1. The competition is going to take place at the Concert Hall of the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art (Vilnius) on March 18-20, 2016.
2. The following instrument chamber ensembles: duos, trios, quartets, quintets and sextets can take part in the competition (with the exception of grand piano duos and folk instruments).
3. Pupils and students both from Lithuanian and foreign art schools, gymnasiums and conservatoires are invited to participate in the competition.
4. The average age of ensemble members cannot exceed 19 years of age (i.e. on March 18, 2016).
5. A competition participant can compete in only one ensemble.
6. The competition is going to be held in two groups, i.e. 1) duos; 2) ensembles of bigger composition.
7. Applications must be submitted by January 25, 2015 to the following address – Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlų. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį.
8. All ensembles wishing to take part in the competition must submit the following:
a) A completed form;
b) Scanned copies of passports (the main page with a photograph);
c) A high-quality photograph of an ensemble for the booklet (of at least 700 pixels, in TIF or JPG format).
9. Competition participants are going to receive either a confirmation or denial of their participation at the competition by February 8, 2016.
10. The competition entry fee amounts to 20EUR for each performer. The fee must be paid during the registration on March, 2016.
11. Competition participants are obliged to take care of their travel (i.e. round trip to Vilnius), accommodation and catering expenses.


1. One authentic chamber piece of cyclic form (all parts of the piece) must be performed by ensembles at the competition:
a) Ensembles with a piano must perform an authentic piece from the Classicism, Romanticism periods or the 20th-21st centuries;
b) Ensembles without a piano can perform an authentic piece from the Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism periods or the 20th-21st centuries.
2. Different instrumental parts of the pieces performed at the competition must be of equivalent nature.
3. The duration of the programme must be from 12 to 30 minutes.
4. The programme indicated in the application cannot be changed.
5. All ensembles participating in the competition are going to play from the scores.


1. By the decision of the competition jury, the best ensembles are going to be granted Laureate Awards as well as Diplomas. By the decision of the competition jury, the Grand Prix can be granted to an ensemble acknowledged as the ensemble having performed with exceptional precision and sensitivity.
2. The jury has the right to announce not more than eight laureates and six diploma holders in both groups. In cases when certain higher awards are not granted, the jury reserves the right to allocate additional smaller awards, however, not more than 8 awards and 6 diplomas.
3. By the decision of the jury, special prizes can also be granted.
4. All competition laureates and diploma holders are awarded with diplomas as well as souvenirs. Additional prizes established by the sponsors are also possible.


1. All competition performances as well as final concerts are open to the public.
2. The Organisation Committee is going to determine the order of the performances by the drawing of the lots and is going to inform the participants of such order in advance.
3. All ensemble performances are going to be evaluated by the international jury, the members of which are going to be announced before the competition.
4. All jury decisions are final and not subject to appeal.
5. The jury has the right to interrupt a performance that is not professional enough.
6. All competition laureates, diploma holders and receivers of special prizes are obliged to participate in the final concerts of the competition without reimbursement.
7. With the consent of the Organisation Committee, all competition performances and final concerts can be broadcast over radio and television or produced as audio or video recordings without reimbursing the participants.
8. In the event of discrepancies regarding the competition conditions, the Lithuanian wording is going to prevail.
9. The 3rd International Young Musicians Chamber Ensemble Competition SPRING SONATA is going to take place in 2018.


The Chamber Ensemble Methodical Group of the National M.K.Čiurlionis School of Art


Principal Romualdas Kondrotas
Deputy for music education Eglė Čobotienė
Chair for the Chamber Ensemble Methodical Group Indrė Baikštytė
Teacher-expert Jūratė Rinkevičienė
Senior teacher Gytis Cinauskas
Teacher Ingrida Rupaitė-Petrikienė
Teacher Irma Bakševičienė
Head for concert practice Dalia Vasiliauskaitė-Jucienė


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